How SocialDeal Works

How it Works



Experience Brunei in a new refreshing way! New and exciting deals come to live every once in a few days, offering between 50-90% discount at local restaurants, spas, theatres, classes, sports, leisure, entertainment and more. SocialDeal's offers will only be unlocked when enough specified number people buy the deal. When it happens, you'll experience a whole new level of knocked-down pricing on amazing things to do, see and taste around the city! Imagine the joys of the exclusive service for less than half the normal price at a world-class hotel, renowned spa center or mouth-watering dines here in Brunei Darussalam, the kingdom of unexpected treasures.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -  (Read to our blog's "How to Buy" too)

Purchasing the Deal & About my Money!

Q: Is it safe to purchase?

A: Totally, payments are made with a custom-made local payment gateway. Basically you will be directed to Mybillpayment's payment page powered by Standard Chartered's Merchant Solution & credit/debit/cash card details are to be entered there. The details will be transmitted via up to 256-bit SSL encryption channel. We never store your card details.


Q: Any other payment methods?
A: Yup, we install a virtual wallet for you while you register your account with us, they initially start with a BND $0 amount. You can top it up via cash deposit, bank transfer/internet banking transfer or simply drop by our office to top-up instantly. After that, you can purchase the deals with your virtual wallet. We accept HSBC, BAIDURI, BIBD, SCB bank transfers & Cash Deposit. Simply click on “Top Up” icon on the top right corner of the page when signed in and follow instructions given.


Simply Meaning,

Payment method 1: Credit / Debit / Cash Card 

Payment method 2: Virtual Wallet (after topping up with cash deposit, bank transfer or online banking transfer)

Q: What happens after I purchase?

A: You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase within minutes. When the deal is turned on, it will be unlocked. Coupons will only be mailed to your inbox when timer hits zero. You can then print the coupon and redeem it at the specified merchant!


Q: What happens if not enough people buy the deal?

A: When not enough people sign up for a deal, then it will be cancelled and no one gets the deal at all. Better luck next time, or start threatening your family and friends to sign up for the deal. (tip: share it madly on facebook & twitter!)


Q: Wait, what happens to my money when not enough people buy it?!!?

A: If a deal did not get activated, you will simply get refunded the total amount into your virtual wallet. (If you need to refund in cash, we are more than willing to facilitate, just hop by and pay us a visit at our office.


Q: Will there be extra charges behind the card transactions?

A: There are no extra charges for any payment methods chosen.


Q: What if I bought it as a gift? How does it work?

A: Your friend will NOT receive any notification telling them you sent the gift before the deal is 'unlocked'. We will mail your friend the coupon WITH your personal message when the timer hits zero. We want you to look cool too! by not letting them know you bought them something if the deal is not turned on yet. Only when it is turned on will he/she get the message and coupon, as simple as that. 



About the coupon

Q: Okay, I bought the deal and got the coupon, now what?

A: Print the coupon, bring it to the offering merchant and redeem it! Remember to follow the redemption instructions on the coupon too.


Q: Do I have to use the coupon on the same day?

A: Nope, most coupons have an expiration date of 3-6 months down the calendar (depending on merchans). You’ll have plenty of times to spare before you redeem them. Do refer to the individual coupons for expiry dates and terms & conditions.  


Q: Can I split the value of the coupon and use it on several visits?

A: No, you can only use the coupon once, whatever amount not used is lost so remember to bring along your friends and make full use of the coupon value!  


Q: The coupon has my username on it; can i give it to someone else to use?

A: Absolutely, there are two unique codes on the coupon (Coupon ID# and Coupon Code), as long as they match at the merchant’s list, you can redeem your services/goods. Doesn’t matter whose username is on it. (But we do advise against this practice as it may create confusion to both the merchants and SocialDeal, try to stick to using your own coupons unless really necessary)  


Q: What if someone naughty clones the coupon with some random codes?!

A: As each coupon comes with two unique serial codes which matches each other. Plus the merchants WILL have to check out with both the codes before you redeem. Basically, It is almost as hard to clone a SocialDeal Coupon than it is to clone an Easi-Card Recharge Number.  


Q: I bought the deal but I haven’t got the coupon!

A: Coupons are sent out once the timer hits zero. Sometimes it might find it’s way to the junk mail folder. To make sure you get your coupon, add to your safe senders list in your contacts.

If you still can't find your coupon, don't hesitate to mail us up at


Q: Can I Refund a Coupon?

A: Refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Only when there is something really wrong with the purchase/merchant will refunds be granted. You can mail us at to discuss about refunding. We also guarantee refunds when a merchant goes out of business or sorts.


Don't forget to mail us up anytime if you need help at SocialDeal! Have Fun!